About Underberg

Underberg is a newly discovered jewel in the Southern Drakensberg in the far west of Kwa Zulu-Natal. It is situated against the southern foothills of the Drakensberg. The berg and area was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000. It enjoys special protection by the United Nations Conservation treaty.

It is a high rainfall area and serves as a spurge to the rest of the Province. Many pollution free rivers cascade down the sides of the berg then along the Umkomaas, Umzimkulu Polele, Umzimvubu Rivers & further north to the Tugela.

There are several internationally important Bushman paintings sites which vary in age from 4000 years old to only 150 years old. Scenes of the first white settlers and the Nguni Settlers from East Africa are depicted in some paintings. Today the culture remains varied with an English, Afrikaans and Zulu population.

Things to do in Underberg


You can contact Barrie Green at NUD Sports or phone him on 0337011096 to find out about planned hikes. For hiking in the Natal Conservation Services areas contact 0337011823 and to hike in the Drakensberg Gardens / Bushman’s Nek area; contact 0337020831.  The Cobham area; 0337020712; Vergelegen area or 0337020540 for the Lotheni area.

Mountain biking

There are several rugged mountain biking trails in the surrounding area. Low traffic means the trails are unspoiled and you can always be assured of an endurance-testing ride.


There are a number of annual events in the district from the epic sani2c cycle race and the sani stagger marathon to wild flower hikes up the sani pass. Please visit http://www.southernbergescape.com/ to view the events calendar.

Birding and bushman paintings

There are several knowledgeable guides in the district and a variety of birding havens and bushman painting sites to discover.

Sani Pass

Any visit to the Southern Drakensberg would be incomplete without a memorable 4x4 adventure up the world famous Sani Pass. Sani Pass is the only road link between KwaZulu-Natal and the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and the only road that crosses the summit of the high Drakensberg. In summer wild flowers splash the road margins with colour and in winter iced falls sparkle under brilliant skies. We are a booking agent for Sani Pass Tours (no commission added!) and are happy to make arrangements on your behalf.