Retreat comes from the Latin verb “to pull back.” So, retreat, or a retreat, is a place where you pull back from the world. Get inspired, become spacious, detox and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Surrounded by the healing energy of nature and supported by people passionate about providing a space for your personal growth. Whether it be solitude you need or hands-on guidance with an exercise and meal plan, we've got you! Take this opportunity to step out of your structured scheduled day-to-day and give yourself space to focus on your goals.

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Umzimkulu River Lodge Signature Retreat


Changes body composition (increase muscle, lose weight/fat).

Lowers stress levels (cortisol hormone) by immersing in nature, and limiting digital device use.

Improves sleep quality by raising Melatonin through nature immersion, reduction of screen time, and mediation before bed.

Increases and sustains energy levels by balancing key hormones.

Detoxifies your body by accelerating eliminatory systems and removing inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol, starch, and processed food.

Improves metabolic rate and gut microbiome health through organic, gourmet cuisine, and proper meal timing.

Strengthens mental health by reducing anxiety and self-criticism through mindfulness education and training.

Raises human growth hormone levels (youth hormones), weight loss, increased creativity, improved skin health, deeper sleep, and toxin elimination.